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Hello to our extended Camp Shalom family!


ITS TWO DAYS AWAY!!!  As our staff put together the final touches on what has been a very successful pre-camp, we anxiously await the arrival of our campers.  This year we have created some new and exciting ways for you to follow our camp journey. This summer we want to bring you all along, and give you a sneak peak behind the scenes, getting you closer to camp than ever before.  Here is how we’ll do this.




       One of the best places to be ‘in the know’ for Camp Shalom Summer 2018 is through Instagram.  There will be pictures, stories, and live videos posted on our Instagram page.  Look below for instructions on how to access everything from our Instagram page, to ensure you are up to date and get ‘live’ right there with us.


Follow steps below:

  • Search @campshalomcanada on Instagram.
  • Once on the Camp Shalom page, click the follow button.
  • Once the page is followed, you can turn on post notifications, and story notifications. This way you will be notified whenever we make a post, and you can quickly come check out what’s going on at camp.  Refer to the pictures for further detail.


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Once this is all done, you will have be notified every time we make a post, a story, or go live.  Or you can simply check back as often as you like.






Facebook will be another great spot to find camp information and pictures this summer.  Check in with the Camp Shalom Facebook page for updates about camp activities and events, and to see some great pictures of our staff and campers!



Parent Newsletters


In addition to our social media, we will be sending out parent newsletters which will be another exciting new initiative we are bringing to you this summer to make sure that everyone at home can be as connected with us here at camp!  These newsletters will be emailed to you by our director Adam Shulman.  Our Newsletters will give you all the great insights into what is going at camp, and a really good  sneak peak into camp life.


As you can see, we have many more ways to stay connected to camp this summer.  We hope you are as excited as we are to share this great journey together, and that you will take advantage and enjoy this new behind the scenes access. We want you to feel like you are right here at at home with all of us at Camp Shalom.


The clock is ticking and our campers arrive on Wednesday. We can’t wait to have the best summer yet!

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