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Shabbat Shalom to our extended Camp Shalom family,


Today is the very first Shabbat of summer 2018 with our campers, and we couldn’t be more excited!! Tonight, our camp will be filled with blue & white, and lots of singing and dancing. But first, let’s recap our whirlwind first couple of days.


Seven busses rolled into camp bright and early on Wednesday morning.  Our staff lined the roads, cheering with excitement, as the campers were eager to get off the bus and start their summers!  When the bus doors opened, our campers came off with big smiles on their faces.  They all looked very excited in anticipation of summer 2018!


The kickoff to camp was all about settling in and getting organized. We began with our campers sitting on the hill by the flag pole, waiting to hear their names and cabins called!  From there, there were good to go! It was time to start bonding with their fellow cabin mates and their staff… their new family for the summer.  And let’s just say we had some happy campers!

Our camp kickoff has seen some very hot weather for week 1.  But with hats on their heads, water bottles in their hands, and sunscreen on their bodies, our campers took the heat head on like champions, and had an amazing first couple of days. We’ve done so many exciting things like having every unit complete the swim tests, we held the SFL combine, and our campers have chosen and begun all of their chugs.


What a great start the first couple of days has been.  Everyone has settled in well and we are having a blast.  Stay tuned for more info and updates, as we look forward to continued excitement to come in the next week, including the start of full chug days, the start of the SFL season, and one of the highlight EP’s (evening programs) to come for the summer.


Shabbat Shalom from all of us here at Camp Shalom!

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