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Hello from Camp Shalom,


We are just about to hit the one week mark of our July session, and there is already so much to talk about.  Our days have been full with all kinds of chugs, SFL has kicked off, and the evenings are busy with fantastic EP’s (Evening Programs).


We are now in full swing with our routines and regular camp schedule.  A typical camp day will see both campers and staff having a schedule of six chugs (activities) which they participate in.


Let’s start at the sports field. This is an action-packed place because we run so many different sports options. Here you see kids playing baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer, and football!  From the sports field, you can hear the great sounds coming from our radio chug. The radio chug gives campers a chance to run their very own radio shows.  They can play music, interview fellow campers and staff, or even host their own talk show. We always love to see what they come up with and their creativity.


Just outside the radio shed is where the outdoors chug meets.  This chug sets out to teach our campers about camping life and living in the outdoors, offering some very valuable survival tools and techniques.  Here you will see our campers participating in activities like, hiking, archery, and cooking food over bonfires.

Moving on, lets take a look into the buildings that house our indoor chugs starting in the LTF (Lawrence’s training facility).  This is where we house our gymnastics and combat chugs.  You can always see a lot of flipping and action going on there.  Our photo and video chug is a little quieter than the LTF, where we see some great focus from our campers as they learn to create and edit cool pictures and videos. Next, we have Bama, where campers learn and practice their roles in the camp play.  Every Friday, one unit per week will perform a play for the entire camp.  This Friday, the Juniors unit will be performing Monsters Inc. and we can’t wait. Behind the Bama building we hear all kinds of sweet sounds coming from the music shed including guitars, ukulele, the piano, and the drums.  Our campers work hard here to improve their music skills or even learn how to play a new instrument all together!

Switching gears a little bit, we have the fitness chug and dance chug.  Both of these chugs are designed to get the kids moving and fit, keeping them very active.  You can all look forward to watching the dance chug perform on visitor’s day!


Moving things back outside once again, we can’t forget about ropes!   This is always our most popular chug at camp.  We have an awesome ropes course at camp where our campers get the chance to climb and explore new heights.  Finally let’s take it off the land and check out the great chugs happening at the waterfront as well.  Our waterfront housed 3 more chugs that campers get to choose from: skiing, canoeing, and sailing.  Our campers are also very busy down here taking swimming lessons from our amazing swim instructors.  Needless to say, there is a lot going on in a regular chug day at camp.


One of our other regular daily routines includes menucha, which follows directly after lunch.  Every day we have 1 hour of free time for staff and campers to use however they wish.  Most often this is the time we play SFL, our Camp Shalom Football League.  Our teams have all been drafted and we have already had a great first round of games.  Check out week 1’s scoreboard:


Packers: 3     VS.      Saints: 0

Lions: 3          VS.      Dolphins: 1

Seahawks: 2 VS.      49ers: 1

Panthers: 3   VS.      Cardinals: 1

We are only one week into camp, but as you can see, we keep things action packed here at Shalom.  Week 1 has also seen a lot of fun celebrations.  At Camp Shalom we like to make our campers and staff feel very special and therefore we make a big deal about birthdays.  All of our staff march out of the kitchen with a cake for our birthday camper, singing our camp happy birthday song.  Then the birthday boy or girl gets their face shoved in the cake – personally my favorite part!



Here is week 1’s list of campers and staff who have already gotten a cake in the face this summer!


Monday July, 2

Cale Zimmerman (staff)

Wednesday July, 4

  • Boris Rapkowski (juniors)

 Friday July, 6

  • Jacob Raubvogel (staff)
  • Daniel Ifregan (seniors)
  • Justin Levy (seniors)
  • Yael Mandel (seniors)
  • Ezra Orenstein (lowers)

 Saturday July, 7

  • Maayan Lange (staff)

 Monday July, 9

  • Brittany Lepofsky (staff)
  • Gabe Kibel (lowers)
  • Jack Matias (juniors)
  • Lia Sekler (juniors)


What a week it’s been! Amazing chugs and lots to celebrate, and we can’t wait to jump into week 2 which will be a very exciting week at camp.  The seniors will hop on a bus and head up to Solelim for a two day visit to learn about their camp for the next two years.  While they are gone the Juniors, Lowers, and Uppers will all have very super awesome days planned especially for them by their unit heads.  We also have our most exciting evening program coming up…. But if we can’t tell our campers, we can’t tell you either.  You’ll just have to stay tuned in to our social media posting and next newsletter to find out!


From our home to yours… we will be in touch soon!

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