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Shabbat Shalom from Camp Shalom,


Today is the third Shabbat with our campers.  That means we have past the half way point of the July session. To date, we have already had some very exciting happenings and events, but don’t fear, there are way more fun activities to come.


First, let’s take a look at some of the great programs we have already experienced.  The camp’s consensus for best EP (evening program) so far is nut wars. The goal of nut wars is simple. Each cabin was to go around camp in groups with fake money, to try and buy the most valuable nuts.  But beware of the cops hiding about.  The campers had to make sure they did not get busted and let’s just say we saw a lot of sneaky behaviours going on.  But not to worry, our camp is completely nut free, so all of the nuts were printed out on paper and distributed around the camp.  No real nuts were to be found.


Our next big program was plane crash, another camp favourite.  The concept being that our staff survived a crash and consequently had different physical and/or mental ailments. It was our campers’ job to try and talk to staff and figure out what was wrong with them and then get them safely to the Pavilion. Making it to the Pavilion earned each cabin a certain amount of points. All of the cabins did great, but our senior girls from cabin 3 rocked it and were the winners of the night.



Next, let’s check in on our SFL season. We’ve had a great season so far!  Our football players are giving it their all!!  We’ve seen some highlight reel plays, and most importantly…everyone is having fun!  Check out the SFL standings below!


Team Wins Losses Ties Pts for Pts against Differential
1.Packers 5 0 0 17 5 +12
2.Panthers 5 0 0 20 12 +8
3.Seahawks 3 1 1 17 12 +5
4.Lions 2 2 1 14 13 +1
5.Cardinals 2 3 0 16 20 -4
6.Saints 1 2 2 14 17 -3
7.Dolphins 0 5 0 12 22 -10
7.49ers 0 5 0 11 21 -10



We will keep you posted on how the rest of the season goes!


As we now prepare for Shabbat, we want to share a little bit of insight into how things work today at camp. After lunch, we have SFL and menucha.  Then it’s time for cabin cleanup, as we make sure everything is tidy for the week to come.  Once the cabins are clean, it’s time to head to the showers and get dressed in our nicest clothes.  We then come together for mifkad, where we will hear the results of cabin cleanup inspections. Then we head down to the shul for prayers, which our led by our Uppers.  When our prayers are complete, it’s time for Shabbat dinner.  Then comes some fun, spirit and ruach, with shira and rikud.  This is the time when we dance and sing together as a chevra!  It is truly special and meaningful every time the camp comes together to sing and dance as one complete unit.  Shabbat is a really incredible time at camp.  We look forward to this evening and each and every Shabbat to come.



Before we sign off for today, we would like to inform you that all of our camp blogs are now posted on the following website.  Visit to see every post written over the course of the entire summer.


We leave you now with a big Shabbat Shalom from our home to yours.  Stay tuned for our next newsletter, as we guarantee there will be a lot more to talk about.



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