Hello to our Camp Shalom family!

We have had a very busy past few days here at camp and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

We have seen the official end of session 1 and the beginning of session 2.  We had to say goodbye to some of our campers who returned home on Sunday, welcomed our new campers who arrived on Monday, and continue the fun with an amazing group of campers who are staying with us for the full summer.

This past Saturday night was memorable here at camp, as we gathered together in the Ulam for our camp slideshow.  There were smiles, and tears, hugs and laughter, as we looked back at the moments and friendships we made throughout the month of July. We finished off the night with one more final unit EP to wrap up session 1 for the summer of 2018.  This may have been the end of a session and the end of camp for some, but we know the memories we have made will last a lifetime.

And of course we could never finish off a session without one of the top highlights of the summer, Maccabiah – our full two day camp wide color war.  Our entire camp last week, including campers and staff, were divided into four teams.

We had the red team, blue team, yellow team and green team, with this year’s theme being “Shrek”.  On that note, each team took on a particular character role from Shrek, finding team red as the dragon, team blue as the donkey, team yellow as Puss & Boots and team green as Fiona. We sang and cheered and competed for points, all in the hopes of winning Maccabiah. And boy did we ever have some incredible competitors!!  These teams battled it out from start to finish in challenges like relay races, tug of wars, sports competitions, water competitions, and most importantly… RUACH!! Getting points for ruach included everything from cheering, to overall amazing spirit. And our camp was rockin with spirit this year at every turn. At the end of a very exciting two and a half days, it was the red team that came out victorious!

As the final days of July came upon us, the feeling was somewhat bittersweet, but it also brought us to an absolute camp favorite, our SFL playoffs! After a very exciting regular season, the playoffs topped things off with action filled anticipation.  It took two overtime games to finally narrow things down to the final two final teams!

The #1 seed Green Bay Packers were up against the #4 seed New Orleans Saints for the championship game. The game was an offensive showdown, and a nail biter right down to the final play.  With the score tied at 6 a piece in the final minute, the tension was building.  As the clock wound down to the final seconds, the Packers scored a touchdown with 0 seconds left on the clock to win the game! They capped off an incredible perfect season with a record of 8-0-0, and a super bowl championship!  Congrats to all of our SFL players this year, who played their hearts out throughout the entire month.

With this newsletter marking the end of July, we say Shalom, goodbye to those that have departed, and Shalom, hello, to those that have joined us.

Be sure to stay connected and read our future newsletters, follow us on instagram @campshalomcanada and check out our blog website at: www.campshalom.wordpress.com .  We have worked hard this year to make sure it is easy for everyone at home to follow all of the news and

Excitement here at camp.  Check back often, as you many even catch a glimpse of your campers through our posts, photos, videos, and live features.

You definitely don’t want to miss it.



Until next time,


Shalom, from our camp family to yours.

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