One of our goals at Camp Shalom is to provide a positive & inclusive experience for every child that attends camp this summer. During your child’s stay at camp, they will spend time getting to know their cabin group, becoming a tightly knit family over the course of the session. One of the greatest benefits of camp is the development of enhanced social skills. When campers are supported by their parents and counsellors, camp can offer an opportunity for campers to learn how to be accepted and accepting as part of a group. Without exaggeration, friendships created here can last a lifetime. With this in mind, we have very specific guidelines regarding cabinmate requests.

We attempt to provide a diverse a cabin group experience as possible by limiting the number of campers in each cabin from any specific neighbourhood, school or team. Our main focus is to remove the potential for cliques so that other campers who are coming without a friend will not feel alienated. We are very aware of the anxieties, emotions, and desires that campers feel toward going away to camp. Our strategies allow us to build strong children and an even stronger camp community.

Campers currently completing Grades 7, 6, 5 and 4 will be placed in cabins comprised entirely of campers in the same school year. Campers completing Grades 3, 2, and 1 may be placed in split cabins, but every effort will be made to address the particular social & emotional needs of your camper within this group.

If Campers have difficulty adjusting to camp or to the cabin group, it is our policy to partner with parents in resolving any issues as quickly and effectively as possible. We hope you will join in this strategy by effectively preparing your camper before they arrive at camp with information about how cabins are created.

Below, you will find our cabinmate request form. Please recognize that although we collect requests, we do not (and sometimes cannot) always accommodate them. Although we can make guarantees about spaces available in each unit, we cannot guarantee cabin grouping at any time. We welcome your trust in us that we will do everything possible to assist your camper in enjoying his/her camp experience. For new campers, in almost every case, the #1 request is met.

Cabin assignments are revealed on opening day, upon arrival at camp, and not before.

Cabinmate requests will be taken up to 3 weeks prior the beginning of your camper’s session, to allow us adequate time to finalize cabin placements, schedules and other camp logistics. For First & Full Session campers, the deadline is Wednesday, June 12. For Second Session, Sneak Preview and Weekender campers, the deadline is Monday, July 8.

[Note that for campers attending the full summer (first & second session), cabin requests for the second session will be double-checked confidentially with your camper at camp during the first session to ensure continuity with your submitted form in the Spring.]

The cabin request form is now closed